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Burris Droptine
You need a reliable, affordable scope that still offers top-flight performance - the new Droptine will get the job done. High quality, precision-ground glass is multi-coated to offer superb low-light capability with glare resistance. A simple, rugged reticle has holdovers for snap shots at extended ranges. The low-profile turrets are finger-adjustable, and a separate eye piece and power ring allow for flip-up lens caps. Precision internal assemblies are double-spring tensioned for shockproofing, allowing Droptine to survive a lifetime of harsh field use. If anything happens, it's covered by the Burris Forever Warranty. A droptine deer may be a once-in-a-lifetime trophy, but a Droptine riflescope will give you once-in-a-lifetime memories time and time again.

Key Features
  • Finger-Adjustable, Low-Profile Adjustment Turrets
  • Trajectory Compensating Reticles
  • Double Internal Springs
  • Positive Steel-On-Steel Adjustments for Repeatable Accuracy
  • Rugged 1" Tubes
Ballistic Plex
Ballistic Plex is the most simple, effective, and elegant trajectory compensating reticle available to hunters. Others have tried to imitate it or complicate it, but none have succeeded in making it better.

The Ballistic Plex provides pin-point long-range accuracy in a simple, uncluttered design that is quick and easy to use. t can be matched with any caliber or bullet weight. Ballistic tables are available on burrisoptics.com. Select the one that best matches your cartridge and use it as a reference for precise aiming in the field.

Accuracy Enhanced Application Specific Reticles
Rimfire, muzzleloader and shotgun shooters - Burris has you covered. Burris created specialty Ballistic Plex reticles calibrated for your .22 LR, Sabot or Slug Gun firearm. These application specific reticles understand your ammunition's ballistic path, and ensure that you are on target no matter the distance. If you need a scope for a .22 LR, Sabot or Slug Gun firearm, you can't go wrong with an application specific Droptine riflescope.