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The new Geovid R will precisely calculate the Equivalent Horizontal Range (EHR) both uphill and downhill, giving you both the direct linear range and the corrected horizontal range. The EHR function which has been utilized in the CRF 1000-R is now installed in a product that has proved its reliability in the field for many years in the form on the Geovid HD.

The EHR value is much more important than the linear distance, as the true ballistic curve for the projectile can only be calculated from the EHR. Leica determines the EHR with the aid of an electronic inclinometer and a special computing method developed especially for this purpose by Leica.

The maximum range of the eye-safe laser rangefinder (Class 1 laser product) is approximately 2200+ yards. Only the linear distance is displayed above this distance.

The mechanical, electronic and optical properties of the Leica Geovid HD binoculars are almost legendary. The new Geovid R is proven under the toughest conditions around the world and packed in Leica's timeless classic binocular design and waterproof to a depth of five meters. Also, with Leica's fully-comprehensive five-year warranty, it is clear proof of Leica's trust in their product. For Leica's customers, this means a safe and secure investment.