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Nightforce SHV Rifle Scopes

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Following close on the heels of their widely successful 4-14x56mm SHV, Nightforce has added a powerful new 5-20x56mm to the competitively priced SHV riflescope line.

The 4-14x56mm SHV, the most affordable Nightforce riflescope to date, is making renowned Nightforce performance and quality available to a broader audience of demanding shooters and hunters.

The "SHV" stands for ShooterHunterVarminter, an indication of the versatility of the new riflescopes. The SHV 4-14x56mm provides reliable, multi-situation service to law enforcement personnel; extended-range capability to any shooter; a magnification range ideal for almost any environment the hunter might encounter; and outstanding precision to varmint and predator hunters. All users will appreciate the exceptional light transmission provided by its 56mm objective lens.

The new SHV 5-20x56mm provides even greater extended-range capability to any shooter; a variable power range ideal for most big game hunting environments; and the precision that comes with high magnification for the predator and varmint hunter. It reinforces the Nightforce commitment to make the company's renowned quality and performance available to greater numbers of hunters and shooters through the more affordable SHV line.

Two Nightforce-designed reticles are offered: the IHR (International Hunting Reticle), an uncluttered, extremely fast three-post design with floating center crosshair, applicable for use on virtually any game; and the MOAR, an extremely popular minute-of-angle-based reticle that provides accurate rangefinding and hold-offs on even small targets at long distances. Elevation and windage adjustments are capped, available in 1/4 MOA click value only, yielding 10 MOA per revolution of the dial. Total travel is 100 MOA elevation, 70 MOA windage for the SHV 4-14x56mm scopes and 80 MOA elevation and 50 MOA windage for the SHV 5-20x56mm scopes within the 30mm tube. Adjustments are finger-adjustable, not requiring a coin or tool. The indicators can be easily reset to "0" once the shooter has established the desired zero.

The SHV scopes are offered in illuminated and non-illuminated reticle versions. Illuminated models feature center-only reticle illumination, which helps prevent low-light flare common to some "smart" reticle. External illumination control is incorporated with the side parallax adjustment. The SHV includes a fast-focus European-style eyepiece and a new, streamlined design.

Each model has an adjustable parallax control located on the left side of the riflescope, marked in yards, which can be adjusted by the shooter without removing the user's eye from the shooter-ready position. This is a distinct advantage for the passionate hunter who might find himself in dark timber, watching an open bean field from a tree stand, stalking wide-open prairies, or climbing a mountain to reach sunlit meadows.

The new SHV 5-20x56mm comes standard with Nightforce ZeroSet technology that allows a rapid return to the shooter's chosen zero point, even after multiple rotations of the elevation adjustment. The 5-20x56mm provides exceptional clarity, resolution and color contrast across its entire magnification range, unlike many lesser variable-power scopes that exhibit a marked deterioration of quality toward the higher end of their power ranges.