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Badger Ordnance Ring Reducers - 30 mm to 1 Inch (6 screw) Steel Badger Ordnance Ring Reducers 34 mm - 30 mm Ring Reducers (4 screw models) Aluminum BADGER ORDNANCE 30mm Standard Scope Rings .823 Steel
BO30615 BO30667A BO30608
BADGER ORDNANCE 30mm Scope AR-15 Flat Top Ultra High Rings 1.4" Alloy BADGER ORDNANCE 30 mm Scope Ring - Standard (.823") Aluminum BADGER ORDNANCE 30mm Max 50 Standard Scope Rings .823" Steel
BO30610 BO30616 BO30611
BADGER ORDNANCE 30mm Max 50 High Scope Rings 1.125" Alloy BADGER ORDNANCE 34mm Standard Scope Rings 1.125" Steel BADGER ORDNANCE 35mm Extra High Scope Rings 1.375" Aluminum
BO30613 BO30614 BO306130
BADGER ORDNANCE 35mm Medium Scope Rings 1.125" Aluminum