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Minox HG Binoculars
The reference class among Minox binoculars with 15% more field of view - Made in Germany
German optical engineers have created an innovative generation of binoculars to meet the highest market demands.

With their sharp optics and natural color rendition, the Minox HG binoculars already rank in the top binocular engineering class. Now Minox engineers have been able to extend the field of view by up to 15%, demonstrating the latest technologies in the manufacturing of high quality binoculars. These binoculars are made at Minox's parent plant in Wetzlar, a further reference for highest optical performance.

"Made in Germany" is the seal of approval that stands for quality, precision and solidity and expresses Minox's corporate philosophy. A guarantor of meticulous care and precision during the entire development and production process and of products that meet uncompromising demands.

The Minox HG binoculars deliver maximum performance in every discipline, one of which is to include the 21 layers of M* coating and the silver-based Minobright reflective coating on the phase-corrected roof prisms. Excellent handling of the binoculars is made possible using the Quick-Close-Focus (QCF) feature developed by Minox. Just a single turn of the focusing knob enables a very fast precision adjustment from close-focus to infinity, with a very sharp image.

Minox HG binoculars come with an exclusive case, neoprene strap and rainguard.