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Minox BL Binoculars
Minox 52mm Binoculars
Uncompromising comfort and performance
The Minox BL 52mm binoculars introduced by the optics specialists from Wetzlar, complement the Minox BL series of exceptionally lightweight, yet powerful binoculars with comfort bridge. The compact design and ergonomic features of these models excel from dawn to dusk and even on into the moonlit night. The comfort bridge guarantees convenient handling and an excellent grip - even in extreme situations. The open bridge enables a reliable, single-handed operation that allows more freedom to move when out hunting or observing nature.

The letter "L" in the name stands for "lightweight", ensured by the sturdy, polycarbonate rubber-armored body and ergonomic features. Thanks to a sophisticated sealing technology, the Minox BL binoculars are also watertight to a depth of up to 15 feet. A nitrogen gas filling prevents fogging of the optical surfaces, even under severe temperature fluctuations.

The powerful light-gathering optical systems feature multi-coated lens elements that guarantee the best optical performance and neutral color rendition of the object in view. Thanks to the roof prisms with phase correction coating, the user benefits from an image exceptionally high detail rendition and pin-sharp contrast, even in low light conditions.

And the specific requirements of those wearing spectacles are also accounted for. With the extended eye relief, the entire field of view can be enjoyed without vignetting, even if the user is wearing glasses. Twisting retractable rubber eyecups with individual click stops are another convenient feature.

The Minox 52mm BL binoculars with comfort bridge includes a nylon strap as well as an ever-ready case.

Minox 56mm BL Binoculars
Lightweight and powerful hunting classics
Perfect companions for the observation of game and nature in moonlight or at dawn, these lightweights offer uncompromising optical quality at very attractive price-performance ratio.
The outstanding optical design and mechanical precision of these powerful BL classics have been further enhanced to set new standards in this segment. An innovative M* multi-coating optimizes the light transmission and colour rendition of the binoculars. Up to 21 layers applied to the glass surfaces prevent the loss of light through reflections. A new coating of just a few nanometers in thickness is applied to all glass/air surfaces using the high-vacuum vapour deposition method and guarantees true colours of the highest level as well as maximum light transmission for an enhanced pin-sharp definition - particularly in poor light.

Roof prisms with phase correction coating provide an image with exceptional detail rendition and high contrast.

The external design of the Minox 56mm BL binoculars has been upgraded and is now conform with the BL comfort bridge binoculars. The new metal focusing wheel with rubber ribs is easy to use and quick to adjust. It also features a finger-felt marking for the infinity setting. By feeling the actual setting, the user can quickly focus on the game in view, even in twilight conditions. With resting forearms, the BL models can be moved quickly and steadily. As an alternative, the binoculars can be used with a tripod that is attached to the tripod thread using a quick-action adapter.

Argon filling on the inside of the binoculars prevents fogging of the glass surfaces and provides permanent protection against corrosion. With the extended eye relief, the entire field of view can be enjoyed at all times, also when wearing glasses. Twist-type retractable rubber eyecups with individual click stops are another convenient feature.

The Minox 56mm BL binoculars come with a wide neoprene strap and an ever-ready case.