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Leupold Ultimate Slam Rifle Scopes

When you only have one chance to get it right, Leupold's UltimateSlam is the ultimate choice for a muzzleloader or shotgun...featuring Leupold's revolutionary Quantum Optical System, and finger click adjustments for windage and elevation. The exclusive SAbot Ballistics Reticle (SA.B.R.) with unique power selector ring lets you synchronize your smokepole or shotgun with your load and offers hold points to 300 yards.

SA.B.R. Reticle
Designed specifically for muzzleloader and shotgun hunting, with precise holdover points in 50-yard increments to 300 yards. The dots are redesigned to cover the same amount of target at their intended range (unlike competitors with imprecise, open aiming circles), making the SA.B.R incredibly easy to use at longer distances. Clean, simple, and accurate, the SA.B.R reticle gives you complete confidence in your shot.

Load Selector Ring
The Leupold UltimateSlam features precalculated settings for 2-pellet, 3-pellet, 12-gauge, and 20-gauge loads. Sight your muzzleloader or shotgun with your preferred load and you're ready to hunt. Use any setting to view your quarry, then dial the scope to the correct load and pull the trigger. It's that easy.

Receive a FREE Leupold lens pen or alumina rubber eyepiece guard with every Leupold Ultimate Slam scope order. (Not Available for Leupold Ultimate Slam Scopes on Special)
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